What Age Group Is Allowed To Take The Marine License Course?

Nobody would deny the opportunities and facilities that have been provided by science and technology to us. These technologies may differ from the introduction of information technology to the discovery of transportation systems.  All of these discoveries have played an important role in turning the world into a global village and making our lives easier in so many ways. In earlier ages, it took days, months or even years to travel form one place to another but fortunately; we are living in times where we can travel across the world within few hours or in extreme cases within two to three days.  Various kinds of transportation vehicles have been introduced to us; some moves on road while other glides through air. One such kind of vehicles travels through sea water as well and can vary from boats to yachts. However, driving such boat/marines is not easy and special license is required to drive them. Marine license course is the course which must be taken; if a person wants to make his license. In this article, we will be discussing about the age group which is allowed to take the marine license course.

Marine license course:

The term “marine license course” may not be as commonly  used as driving license course but both of these courses have the same idea behind them which is to educate and teach the person to be able to drive  his vehicle on road (in case of cars) or on sea (in case of marine). Various important and minute details are taught about the marine driving in this course. These teachings include planning of the trip, the way to operate the mechanically powered vessel in a careful manner, the method of responding in case of emergencies and personal water craft training.

What age group is allowed to take marine license course?

Marine license course is not provided t every age group. A person need to pass the age of sixteen or he must be in his sixteens to take this course otherwise marine license is not going to be accepted by the government. Various documents are required to take admission in this course; some of these documents are primary while others are secondary. The primary documents include passport, birth certificate, passport size picture, nationality and other such documents. On the other hand, the secondary documents include medical health card, student card, credit card or any other such cards which explains your identity.


If you own a marine boat and you want to drive it on the vast oceans and seas then you must take the marine license course. This course not allows gives you the permit to drive the boat but also teaches the person ways of driving and coping with critical situations. The only hindrance that can take place between your marine license course and the issuance of your license is your age. A person younger than sixteen years of age cannot take this course. “Construction training group” provides the best marine license courses.

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