Everything To Know About University Assignments

When you are preparing to join university, you need to understand that you will be assessed in many different ways. Each type has its own features and structure, which you will need to understand before you even start writing your first coursework. You will need to check with your lecturer which type of coursework should be written which will help you outline the entire draft before you start working on it. There are many websites that help students with the coursework, but the well known website is my assignment help Australia. However, this guide will run through the main types of assignments and what it focuses on.

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Research essay

The main purpose is to provide an answer for the question that is asked in the title. You will have to support the answer by providing an argument that is based on information and facts. The audience for this is the academic society and your peers. The structure should be clear and should mostly consist of facts. The normal structure contains the introduction, body and a conclusion. There are no headings used in this.

Case study

Cases studies focuses on the examination of a particular situation. Many of the positive and negative aspects will be considered in this. In more case studies, the writer needs to provide recommendations.

Literature review

Literature reviews are very important at university level especially for dissertations. The main ideas from the literature will be identified. If there is a gap in the research, you will need to focus on that. The audience of this type of course works are other researchers and professional academics. The structure will include an introduction; body, conclusions and no headings will be involved. An explanation of similar and different traits should be identifies along with a critical commentary.


Reviewing articles required one to evaluate the facts, data, the methods of research and those final results. This requires a lot of analysis, evaluation, and should be written in the present active voice. There are no particular headings. However, this is a brief summary of the article and also comments on the articles and the method of how the article has been approached and written.

When including figures and tables, remember that you need to design and present them in a way that it is easy and effective to read. There are many different ways to present them, however, you should consult your lecturer or the academic department that provide you the guideline for this.

Let’s get cracking with university!

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