Bring Up Smart Kids With Proper Education

You are obviously worried about your kids and want them to grow to be model citizens. However if you think just education is sufficient to make them so, you are mistaken. More than any theory kids need to be taught proper conduct, skills and knowledge of sophisticated technology as the world will be totally different when they grow up from what it is now.

Language is key to unlock a lot of things

World is already a global village. Earlier everyone was required to know English to communicate; however now the tables have turned and it looks like people dealing with powerful countries learn their languages. For example China has been identified as the world’s largest economy and most Western countries strive to do business with them. For that they are learning mandarin rather than pressuring the Chinese to learn the international language. But if you are expecting your kid to be in the forefront of the competition it is always good to teach them a medium where they can communicate with anyone anywhere. Therefore do not think less of sending them to english nursery Hong Kong to make them practice the required from an early age.

 Life skills

Make them learn skills that are useful for the future life. In Japan the pre graders learn, not the letters or the alphabet, but the proper manners and conduct. They learn to clean up after themselves, be courteous to everyone and respect elders; when you are interviewed for a job, mangers will look at the attitude mostly than what degree you have or what class you have earned in it. World leading companies have stressed on the fact that they give priority to positive outlook and can-do attitude. We have heard and seen instances where people have lost great opportunities of working for these companies because they failed to impress the interviewers with their characteristics.

 Don’t push them

Coercion is used mostly in Asian countries as a way to pressure kids in to doing things. It is not a sin to use it as parents when the kids are becoming too stubborn to handle. But as for everything that also has a limit. And if a kid does something with the understanding that it is a good thing to do rather than doing it for the sake of doing it, because you forced them to, is always preferable. So be it reputed Kowloon Tong kindergarten or life skills academy, make sure they understand the importance of it and you have their consent for it.

World is full of hatred and unhappiness as it is. If you do not want your kids to face a worse situation make them better people first so they can then go on to make the world a better place.

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